Free Targets & More

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All targets are in Adobe PDF format to achieve uniform printing results on a wide variety of computers. This requires a PDF Reader called "Adobe Acrobat Reader" which is available free from Adobe. This reader is also used to view thousands of other documents and information in the web so you will want to get a copy if you do not already have one. When you click on a target thumbnail, your browser should automatically load the corresponding target.

The original print settings in the Adobe reader are usually correct but you may want to check them to make sure that the targets print at the right scale. To check/change print settings: 1. Click on a thumbnail and load the target you want to print. 2. Click "File, Print" 3. In the Print Options dialogue box, make sure that "AUTO ROTATE AND CENTER PAGES" is checked, and make sure that "EXPAND SMALL PAGES TO PAPER SIZE" is NOT checked. This will ensure that the targets print to scale and that the 1" grids are exactly the right size. 4. Click "Properties" in the print dialogue box and choose the print quality. Normal is recommended.

To get the most up to date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click HERE.